Liaison Officer’s Message


Education does not merely consist of accumulating knowledge. The learning of various graces and skill are all combined in the process of education. Many people merely learn and accumulate knowledge and obtain degrees such people may be classified as learned, but definitely not educated.

In your quest for a college at the start of a career in higher education and in preparation for a career in life, be careful what you choose. There are many colleges, all affiliated to one university or another, all boast of excellent faculty and the perfect environment, but do they educate or do they impart learning?

At Roorkee Adventist College, every effort is made to ensure that proper education is imparted. Students are instructed in the course content and simultaneously they are instructed in all the social graces needed to face life on the ‘outside’. Efforts are also made to make education relevant to the student, ensuring that the learning is easily transferred from the class room to real life.

As you plan to associate with us and invest your time in securing an education, we commit ourselves in providing you the best education you can hope for.


Prof. Mukesh Masih

Director of Students