President’s Message


Established in 1927 as a training college, the Seventh-day Adventist Inter College has just completed 82 years of service to the people of North India. The aim of the college during this period has been mainly to provide quality education to the masses. In 2001, the Adventist Accrediting Association permitted the upgrading of the college into an institution of higher learning and the Roorkee Adventist Community College was born.   The Seventh-day Adventist Philosophy of Education promotes the development of the ‘Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual and Social aspects’ of an individual and it has always been the endeavor of the college to promote this feature of education. The amassing of knowledge is not true education. A successful person needs more than knowledge to compete in today’s world and it is my belief and desire that all students who pass through this college must learn more about themselves, their relationship with God humanity and to bear themselves with dignity and gain the best knowledge of the subject they have chosen. Mrs. Ellen G. White, the pioneer of the Seventh-Day Adventist movement defines the greatest want of the world as “the need of men and women who will stand firm, as a needle to the pole”. It is to this end that the attempt to help excluded and unemployed get dignified and sustainable employment. Now rechristened “Roorkee Adventist College” and armed with accreditation of the Adventist Accreditation Association and affiliation to the Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna University, the college has resolved to offer regular degree programs in Science, Management, Commerce and Information Technology. Keeping in mind the best traditions of Adventist Education and by providing the services dedicated and experienced faculty in aesthetically pleasing surroundings, Roorkee Adventist College we make a difference in your life and career.

Prof. Milon Rana

BLA, M.A.ED. M.Sc. (PhD)